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Dive in For Trade News – The Latest Summer News and Deadlines – 2nd Quarter 2018

With all of the trade news and activity that has already taken place this year, it’s hard to believe it is only June! The horizon looks just as busy with upcoming deadlines in the ongoing in-bond implementation and additional anticipated developments in ACE.

Brave New World – Navigating the Modernized In-Bond Regulations – 3rd Quarter 2017

On September 28th, the highly anticipated updated in-bond regulations were published in the Federal Register as a Final Rule set to take effect on November 27th, followed by a 90-day flexible enforcement period.

FTZ Operations and In-Bond Challenges – 2nd Quarter 2014

In-bond is an integral part of zone operations, facilitating the movement of goods without the payment of duty to the zone from the port, between zones, extending zone benefits to zone exports, and helping to create duty savings both, up and down the supply chain. Chances are if you are involved in zone operations, you have had a close encounter with the in-bond program.