Compliance as Business Strategy

Customs Compliance as Business Strategy

A company’s ability to expedite merchandise and limit exposure is affected directly by its ability to demonstrate informed customs compliance, reasonable care, and low-risk practices.

Companies that fail to integrate customs compliance and security measures into their process risk increased inspections and delayed shipments.

For companies to respond effectively to the Customs Modernization Act in 1993 and to heightened security measures following the 2001 terrorists attacks, a proactive strategy toward customs compliance is essential.

Rockefeller Group Foreign Trade Zone Services has the hands-on experience to assess your company’s strengths and weaknesses, develop a plan for improvement, and implement recommendations. RGFTZS can assist with documentation, training, and ongoing process verification.

For companies undergoing US Customs & Border Protection audits, reviews, or compliance assessments, RGFTZS can provide expertise and assistance to reduce risks and bring about timely, successful resolutions.