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Things to Consider

Own Your FTZ Compliance

FTZs represent another layer of overall U.S. trade compliance obligations and complexities. The laws, regulations and guidance surrounding FTZ usage are in addition to your company’s general import and export compliance obligations such as valuation, classification, origin determination, marking, licensing determination, denied party screening, etc. While most importers and exporters seek support from subject matter expert (SME) service providers to supplement various trade compliance obligations and roles, they do not “farm out” the entire trade compliance shop. SME service providers should be used to enhance an importer/FTZ Operator’s Reasonable Care responsibilities, not abdicate them.

Reduce Costs

Does it take both internal and external resources to effectively administer an FTZ operation? Absolutely. No doubt many FTZ operators absorb additional external costs including brokerage fees, transportation fees, advisory fees, software fees, etc. However, the decision to utilize external FTZ administration personnel instead of internal resources should result only after a thoughtful cost-benefit analysis.

FTZ Bond Liability

As the FTZ Operator with a Type 4 bond obligation to CBP, your company is responsible for any fines, penalties or liquidated damages assessed by CBP for non-compliance with the FTZ laws and regulations. While it is true that certain contractual provisions in FTZ administration service agreements may transfer the financial liability for non-compliance to the service provider, there are no contractual provisions that can preserve or repair your company’s name or image with CBP, other agencies or the public should a significant FTZ operational failure occur.

Develop & Retain Know-how

Just like general import/export requirements, developing and retaining FTZ administration and compliance know-how and technical skills should be a core part of every FTZ Operator’s strategy. The FTZ program is a physical inventory program supported by IT systems, not a virtual inventory program. The incentive to administer your FTZ operation utilizing your own employees is strong.

Training Modules FAQ

RGFTZS offers a full suite of FTZ administration training modules for literally every aspect of FTZ operations. Training can be delivered remotely using online tools or in person at your preferred location.

This is a common problem in the industry. We can train the individuals you select.

We can work closely with the administrator to identify the issues and help find solutions.

We can train the auditor and assist in developing a comprehensive internal FTZ audit program.

We can help bridge the gap through pointed training of different internal stakeholders.

We can guide you through this transition.

We will assist you with identifying the optimal solution for your company based on your individual facts and circumstances.