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CTPAT – The Road Ahead – 3rd Quarter 2018

In November, it will be 17 years since the inception of the CTPAT program that was instituted in the wake of the September 11th terrorist attacks. The program, which began with only seven participants, now boasts over 11,000 members in multiple industry segments. The twin mission of the program remains supply chain security AND trade facilitation.

CBP FTZ Audits & FTZ Board Compliance Spot Checks: Prepare Now– 1st Quarter 2017

Whether your company is new to the FTZ program or a “mature” FTZ operation, now is the time to undertake a comprehensive internal review of your FTZ and overall trade compliance in order to develop a true “audit preparedness” program and correct any identified compliance issues.

FTZ Compliance Review? Why would I need (or want) one? – 1st Quarter 2014

These are common questions that FTZ Operators and Administrators ask as they try to gain a clear understanding of the potential benefits of an in-depth compliance review.