In this issue: GSP Eligibility, APHIS Core Message set, more…


In this issue: Modernizing e214 Process, FDA news, more…


In this issue: USMCA Update, RGFTZ Training Academy, more


In this issue: New Draft CATAIR for e214, USMCA Update, CBP’s Covid-19 Webpage, more…





FTZ Developments – Vol. I Issue. 3 – Fall 2019

In this issue: China Section 301, FDA Launches FEI Portal, Zone Status Change, more…

FTZ Developments – Vol. I Issue. 2 – Summer 2019

In this issue: Electronic Reporting of Exports, Arrivals and Diversions, Training Webinars, Ace Updates, more…

FTZ Developments – Vol. I Issue. I – Spring 2019

A publication of Rockefeller Group Foreign Trade Zone Services.
Sharing FTZ-related News and Updates.

CTPAT – The Road Ahead – 3rd Quarter 2018

In November, it will be 17 years since the inception of the CTPAT program that was instituted in the wake of the September 11th terrorist attacks. The program, which began with only seven participants, now boasts over 11,000 members in multiple industry segments. The twin mission of the program remains supply chain security AND trade facilitation.

Dive in For Trade News – The Latest Summer News and Deadlines – 2nd Quarter 2018

With all of the trade news and activity that has already taken place this year, it’s hard to believe it is only June! The horizon looks just as busy with upcoming deadlines in the ongoing in-bond implementation and additional anticipated developments in ACE.

The Impact of Recent Trade Remedy Measures on FTZs: What You Need to Know – 1st Quarter 2018

In these current times of evolving trade policies, it is important that all stakeholders fully understand the possible impact of recent trade remedy measures on FTZ operations. This article summarizes the impacts and suggested actions for FTZ users, especially FTZ manufacturers.