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FTZ Developments – Vol. I Issue. 2 – Summer 2019

In this issue: Electronic Reporting of Exports, Arrivals and Diversions, Training Webinars, Ace Updates, more…

Dive in For Trade News – The Latest Summer News and Deadlines – 2nd Quarter 2018

With all of the trade news and activity that has already taken place this year, it’s hard to believe it is only June! The horizon looks just as busy with upcoming deadlines in the ongoing in-bond implementation and additional anticipated developments in ACE.

The Current Situation: ACE, PGAs and FTZs – 2nd Quarter 2016

If your firm is an FTZ operator or user, you know firsthand the significant impact that ACE and PGA reporting requirements are having on our industry. By all accounts, the past 12 months have been a busy, often confusing time that’s been full of changes.

The Ace Portal, AES Filings, and You – 4th Quarter 2015

As the mandated transition to CBP’s Automated Commercial Environment (“ACE”) looms, trade has become all-too-familiar with the CBP catch phrase “Don’t Wait, Migrate!”, encouraging trade users to embrace the use of the ACE Portal.

Ace Update: Differences in Data Requirements for 06 Entry in ACE – 3rd Quarter 2015

Important Dates:
2/28/16—Mandatory filing of all electronic entries and entry summaries in ACE including 06 Entries (ACS will be decommissioned for entry/entry filing)
July/16—e214 transitioned from ACS to ACE
Sept/15—CATAIR for entry (cargo release) in ACE published by CBP
Oct/15—CATAIR for entry summary in ACE published by CBP

Heads Up…Change is Just Around the Corner! – 2nd Quarter 2015

The long anticipated transition to ACE for entry summary and cargo release is just around the corner. The transition scheduled for November 1, 2015 will also include the opportunity to interface by electronic means with multiple and various Partner Government Agencies (“PGAs”) that will soon be on- boarding with ACE.