Multinational corporations take full advantage of The Rockefeller Group’s 30-year record of leadership in foreign trade zone development and management. The economic advantages of operating in an FTZ can be enormous, especially in the areas of duty savings and cost of inventory. A division with extensive experience in thebuilding without borders new logo movement of cross-border goods and cost-saving FTZ compliance strategies. Rockefeller Group Foreign Trade Zone Services advises client companies in the design and implementation of supply-chain strategies to maximize foreign trade zone benefits on a national basis.

Rockefeller Group Foreign Trade Zone Services (RGFTZS) helps companies establish solid trade processes to minimize costs and avoid delays associated with importing and exporting.

RGFTZS can position your company to take advantage of evolving trade opportunities. We emphasize improved inventory control and trade process that can be easily integrated into your business and practiced consistently over time.

We examine your practical business constraints and find creative ways to tailor our solutions to your operations. Through this approach we can serve your company in the manner best suited to your business needs.